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The Wandering Sisters


We are four sisters, close in spirit, if not in age. We were raised with our feet in the sand and our heads in the clouds, by two funny and adventurous parents, two sets of vivacious, globe trotting grandparents and lots of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins (some even actually being blood related). In the midst of controlled chaos we laughed, loved, played and worked, wining and dining our way to adulthood.

While things have not always turned out as we schemed and dreamed. I would say they turned out exactly as we would have them.

Still surrounded by our family, although somewhat expanded, we are still living the life filled with new adventure, both together and apart.

We are still dipping our toes in the sand and dreaming of the future while living in the moment. For some of us, this is filled with diapers and dishes, and family adventures. While others are care free and seeking thrilles through "High Heeled" moments.

Please, wander with us as frivolity does love company. With all of us together, it's more like a party.

Pull up a chair, poor yourself a latte or a glass of wine and wander with us.